About Us



We provide a range of Cost effective end to end services in education and training. 

Faculty Development

With the introduction of new and advanced technologies its very important for faculties to update themselves.

Student Training

It has become very important for students to have hands on practical learning along with theoretical knowledge.


With advanced technologies comes complications, we provide mentors who will assist you from start to end.


Location is never an obstruction, our free webinars for STP and FDP provides you the best of learning at no cost.


Get trained and get certified from our vast number courses like Machine Learning, Cyber-security, Python, Oracle etc.

Lab Setup

We provide End to End services for setting up a Lab in the field of 3D Printing, IoT, VLSI, Robotics, electronics etc.

Why Choose Us?

We have an experience of training 20,000+ students in 150+ Colleges across India. We have trained the students in some of the most advanced technologies like Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Cyber Security, Augmented Reality etc.

Monkfox is an initiative of IIT-IISc Alumni and Serial Entrepreneurs. We are experts in the technological and educational field with more than 5 years of professional working and training experience.

All our courses are designed with guidance and inputs from Industry professionals. We try to maintain complete synchronization with the new technological developments in the industry and incorporate those new technologies into our courses.

Quality is something we never compromise on therefore we select only those trainers and professionals who are Subject Matter Experts in their field and have experience of more than 5 years in training and skill development.

The outcomes and goals of the workshops are pre-defined so that there is no confusion or doubts in students mind

At the end of every workshop, we present certificates to all the participants, we also try to find out a handful of best-performing students and award them with a Certificate of Merit based upon their performance.

Our 6-D Process



In Discovery stage we compare current and future Job requirements with the current education in the colleges. Here we try to find out the skills required for an particular job and validate if an colleges can provide such skills to the students.



In Define Stage we draw up multiple plans on how to fill up the skill gap of the students. We try to gather adequate information and data relating to the planning to be made and to analyze it to find out the cause and effect relationship between various factors.



In the Design stage the main aim is to come up with solutions for persisting and future problems. Here we try to think out of the box in building a program which is educational, practical, entertaining as well as future proof. 



In the Development stage, we interact with numerous Industry professionals and trainers to give the program its shape, structure and content based on the industry and job standards and requirement. This helps students to take up advanced technological jobs in any industry.



In the Deployment stage, we try to find out different channels to deliver the program like classroom, online, audio/ video recording etc. Since each program and location of students and trainers has its own unique challenges we try to use a variety of channels to up-skill students.



In the Delivery stage, we select only those trainers and professionals who are Subject Matter Experts in their field and have experience of more than 5 years in training and skill development. Only the best trainers are selected to train the students which ensures that the quality of the training is maintained.